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What is SharePoint and How it can Benefit Future Workplaces?

When it comes to SharePoint, so much confusion exists in the industry that one of the main questions that people usually ask is “What is SharePoint anyway?”


sharepoint development

The SharePoint cloud is fantastic, but right now, you are in the SharePoint mist. And a mist is not healthy.

So, let us clear the dark mist of ignorance and bring some clarity.

What Exactly is SharePoint?

First of all, Microsoft SharePoint is not a ready-made product; it is a customizable platform. Just think of Android and iOS mobile apps. Android or iOS is the platform, and developers use them to make stunning apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

So SharePoint development goes along with the term SharePoint. You need to work with developers like Aufait Technologies and similar companies to tailor it specifically. Currently, about 190 million people across the globe use SharePoint. 

One of the most basic uses of SharePoint by organizations is to create attractive sites. The sites that companies then create, help them handle, store and access information, all this and much more with just a web browser like Edge, Firefox, Chrome, etc. 

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However, SharePoint is not all about creating websites. The scope of SharePoint is much more than this. When you hear SharePoint, it may mean any of the following: 

  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint Server
  • SharePoint Foundation 
  • SharePoint Designer
  • One Drive 

The below table elucidates the difference between them.sahrepoint features
Imagine your old Uncle Ben, who’s never heard of the internet, asks, “What is this Google son?” And you struggle to answer it. You may call it a multinational company, a search engine, an information gatherer and what not.

The table indeed highlights some of the standard SharePoint features, but SharePoint is much more.

And do you think Uncle Ben will understand what it is? 

Possibly, not much.  

But if you give him your smartphone and make him use Google for three days. Uncle Ben is going to get the hang of it. 

Some things can only be understood by doing them. SharePoint is such a platform. One needs to see what it does for an organization to gauge its depth and expense. Now, let us get to know SharePoint the way organizations utilities.


SharePoint further helps you to make intranet sites that will act as an internal internet inside your enterprise. And the most remarkable feature is that now with your SharePoint intranet you can carry your office in your pocket.


Sharepoint intranet


The intranet helps you safeguard your data, your patents, work-related secrets from the perils of an open internet. The private network further helps collaborate closely on a real-time basis on various products. The intranet is one of the remarkable features of the SharePoint group of services.

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Manage Documents 

Sharepoint document management

An automated solution to manage your whole document flow. It takes care of every document from the everyday leave application to complex deals requiring negotiations. SharePoint workflow is like a flowchart that moves work in the direction of a preset logic. The logic is customizable and lets you build a 
document management system the way you want it.

Seamless Collaboration 

Sharepoint collaboration

The most prominent feature that SharePoint provides for any workforce is the numerous lines of association. The document management system, the workflows, the office apps using SharePoint, etc. all facilitate working together without the physical presence. Every activity that requires your attention is made available to you, and nothing goes astray.

Why is SharePoint so Popular among Fortune 500 Enterprises?

The list of top-performing enterprises from every industry is published as Fortune 500 by the world-renowned Fortune magazine. It is seen that 85% of the Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint Online for their day to day work.  


You may wonder why these top-notch businesses prefer SharePoint?

The answer is simple; it’s solely convenience and ease. 

When you can do it easy, why make it harder. 

Because in your workplace, “Easy is Right.” 

SharePoint offers a plethora of benefits that make your employee’s life smooth and happy. 

A happy employee is a productive employee.

A happy employee is a loyal employee.

Let’s now take a glimpse at those merits.


SharePoint offers infinite ways to modify your work environment. The nature and size of your business don’t matter. Competent developers can harness the following benefits of SharePoint:

  • Automate Your Work – you can sit back and relax and SharePoint takes care of your day to day tasks, targets, and meetings. The Microsoft workflows that you design and integrate makes your office a great place to work with little to carry and remember.
  • Monitor Work and Workforce – It is easy to set the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a SharePoint depending on the nature of our employee’s work. Human Resource Managers (HRM) can easily mark and weigh employee efficiency on a real-time basis using performance management software. The top management can track the work progress and peg the overall flow of the company effectively.

    manage documents


  • Manage Tenders – One of the most challenging things that Finance Managers face is handling invoices, new demands, settling and balancing accounts. SharePoint makes their life easy by creating and auto-tracking invoices and tendering process. A carefully designed procurement software like ProcurePoint can assist you in registering vendors, ensuring transparency and winning the trust of your customers.
  • Mobility – Work from home, traffic, never miss important meetings even while traveling all with SharePoint apps. The progressive web designs are the core of SharePoint architecture. It ensures that every new innovative page or site you design is automatically compatible with your smartphone. Make apps and delegate mundane duties to your SharePoint solution.
  • Integrate Workplace – Create a common place to work, share and meet. The different levels of authorization ensure that the right files are always accessible to the right person at the right time in an organization that uses SharePoint.

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What’s the Future of SharePoint?

The recent Microsoft Build conference drops an indication of what SharePoint means to the future of modern workplaces. And there is only one word for it, it is GARGANTUAN

The very face of the modern workplace is bound to change with the rolling out of the new plans that Microsoft Office 365 and associated features envisages. A workplace of your dreams. It leverages the state of the art technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and much more.

A modern Office 365 workplace will let you,


Enjoy the Purely Digital Experience

Digital experience

A new feature in SharePoint that boosts your organization’s time to value ratio. The feature is called SharePoint home sites. The home site will be like a landing page for the employees.

Imagine unlocking a world of interactive workplaces, where the site will engage you, talk to you and much more. The news, events, chats etc that are relevant to you depending on the position you hold at the company.

Features that intelligently assist your employees with the relevant information, content, and navigation that adds to their productivity.

Work Simultaneously on Documents

document management system

The new Fluid Framework from Microsoft can help you have a unique experience on the web like never before in the industry. It lets you edit, write, and work on a single document at the same time. This co-authoring feature can revolutionize the way people work in a project. 

All the team members can watch the progress of projects, share new ideas and discuss the best way of doing things in the very initial stage of a project. 

It will be unimaginable till now. Usually, it takes a round of planning to discuss the way ahead. Fluid Framework will let you do it then and there, instantly. The features will be available across the across Word, Teams, Outlook and other Microsoft tools.

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Converse the Yammer Way

Yammer is one of the most remarkable offerings from Microsoft SharePoint. It helps in connecting with everyone within the enterprise via social networking. Yammer helps build a culture of the dynamic relationship between the various levels of the organization.



The very core of a strong foundation is trust. And it is transparency that inspires confidence. Yammer is a powerful way to build interpersonal relations within the enterprise. The intelligent bots can help in creating an interactive experience that fosters growth and development.  

Search Effortlessly 

Every second, about a million employees working across thousands of enterprises are creating an enormous amount of data. The trouble of transforming the information into something meaningful lies with the data managers, statisticians and other professionals. But things are now changing with Microsoft Search.

Check the immense possibilities of this tool in the visual below:


Microsoft Search provides you with a unique enterprise search experience. It is found that nearly 50% of the workforce in companies suffer from the meagre classification of data. Data that cannot be made useful is a burden on the management. It is here that the new Search feature innovates.

The Microsoft Search allows you to call data from any part of your whole enterprise data. And it does it with a small all in one search bar. It calls the entire data to the aid of an employee depending on the authorization he or she has. Thus it balances feasibility and security. 

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SharePoint Spaces

The ultimate experience that one can have in the workplace is what SharePoint Spaces has to offer. The fantastic way in which it redefines work is in the visuals below:


The SharePoint spaces take advantage of immersive and mixed reality technology to create, predict and calculate use cases for every project. It allows intensive testing of every project in the virtual reality and thus takes care of even the minute details.

All this and much more is on the anvil for the future workplaces. SharePoint development services are now rampant and creative developers can pave the way for innovations to make offices more engaging. The way Microsoft and associated partners are making headways in making workplace richer in experience, one thing is sure i.e. 

“Sharepoint is the future of modern workplaces.”

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