Microsoft SharePoint Syntex Introduction


Microsoft launched SharePoint Syntex in 2020 . Syntex is Microsoft’s Content Management Solution which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning which can help organizations to transform unstructured files into organized information. This structured information can be protected, made available for users, and can also be used to automate business processes. 

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Employee Exit Process in SharePoint or Office 365

The ability to migrate the license, add & delete whenever needed, is one of the cool features of SharePoint Office 365. But when a user leaves, it would be advisable to not delete their account immediately as there are chances to lose all the data associated with that particular account. Once you delete an Office […]

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SharePoint 2016 On-Premise features

Microsoft launched SharePoint 2016 as a major event, terming it as the future of SharePoint. Microsoft even went to say that SharePoint 2016 will not be the last on-premise release. Microsoft demonstrated many upcoming features that will be included in SharePoint, however, most of them were available in SharePoint Online (Office 365). To cover up […]

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