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Why Join the Evolution of Workplace with SharePoint Intranet?

Workplaces are no longer what they used to be — those monotonous spaces of stick-to-the chair chores. We are living in a time of innovations. We have today the freedom to think differently and act on it. The laws, societies, technology, and workplaces have all evolved to bring us the most significant moment in the whole history of humanity i.e., to collaborate without boundaries. 


Modern workplaces are communicating through desktops and laptops, and the intranet creates the channels for these collaborations to happen. SharePoint intranet development is one of the most effective ways to go about your office intranet software requirements.


How SharePoint Intranet can help?


You might be already knowing what an intranet is. If not, we would like to tell you that it is just like a secure private internet platform. Suppose you have run a company of 20 professionals. You have five of them working on scripts, five on design, five on the marketing, and five on the top-level. Now, how to collaborate with their work? That’s where an intranet comes in. 


You may have an obvious question. Why not use the internet itself?


Well, security is one reason for you don’t want your next edition story leaking before the release. The second reason is to make information available for everyone. The designs and content may need edits and approvals; the script may require trimming, copyright cross-checking, and a lot more work needs your team’s entire presence. 


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Intranet lets you do this with an internal network. You can have a dashboard for your team members to track all the activities in one place. Every professional will have their role-specific panels. 


Intranets can make your company creative, engaging, and productive. We have tried to sketch what intranet can give your company very concisely.


image describes how sharepoint helps your company


Now, coming to SharePoint, it is a platform developed by Microsoft to help organizations build intranets, employee social networks, document management systems, appraisal mechanisms, and much more. SharePoint intranets are known for their capability to leverage Artificial Intelligence to enhance employee experience, enterprise orientation, and transform your work culture. It is the very heart of a modern workplace that lets different teams collaborate, connect, share information, discuss solutions and drive innovations by harnessing collective knowledge. Watch the short clip to gauge the scope of SharePoint intranet.


Why SharePoint Intranet is your future work environment?


SharePoint intranet has an epithet, i.e., “the intelligent intranet.” The experience that a SharePoint intranet prepares for your employees is unparalleled in its ability to combine intelligence, functionalities, and mobile applications. Here we discuss those hallmarks of SharePoint intranet that makes it stand out:


  • Redefining Mobile Experiences


If home sites were so powerful, imagine how it can give you a fully fluid mobile experience. Mobile is now, and SharePoint intranet with the new Office 365 utilities will help you make the most of it. 


The mobile experience with the SharePoint app makes your smartphone a knowledge hub, to gather details regarding your work. It fetches you important news, links, and files with the Microsoft Search integrated toolbar. lets you work on the go, and the new voice search integration helps you to get things done without even moving your fingers. The AI integrated roll-outs that are the most recent offerings from Microsoft make Cortana your personal productivity assistant.


Watch the clip to see the mobile dimensions of work that SharePoint seeks to transform in your enterprise


The mobile experience with the SharePoint app makes your smartphone a knowledge hub, to gather details regarding your work. It fetches you important news, links, and files with the Microsoft Search integrated toolbar. lets you work on the go, and the new voice search integration helps you to get things done without even moving your fingers. The AI integrated roll-outs that are the most recent offerings from Microsoft make Cortana your personal productivity assistant.


  • SharePoint Home Sites


sharepoint home sites

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A home site is one of the many innovations that Microsoft has brought into the SharePoint platform to make its intranet engaging and dynamic. Homesites are designed so that each employee in the company can have a unique landing page. It will orient according to his/her role in the organization. The content relevant to their job function, filtered news to suit their productivity, integration with Microsoft Search. It engages employees with Yammer, Stream, and other diverse videos, audio, and text communications.

A home site is a door to your SharePoint intranet experience, the first point of interaction for your employees. It gives you all the power to make your employees feel at home with unlimited personalizing capabilities.


We have created a stunning pictorial to get what a home site really can do to your functionality.


screenshot of home site


  • Play my Email feature


Microsoft has been driving mobile innovations to make your work as smooth as possible. Play my email is the latest feature that was added to Outlook mobile and will astound you about the possibilities that mobile platform offers you. Just check out what it means when we say “play my email.”



So it doesn’t matter when you are unable to get to your phone out in traffic, rush hours, or during drives. Just connect your mobile to an audio device, and Cortana will update you on the important mails. The AI algorithms and semantics can prize out the essential details from your letter with ease.


  • The Office Mobile App


“We dare to call this app Office,” this was the response from Microsoft when they released their new Office mobile app. It is another feature that makes SharePoint intranet futuristic as it is intertwined with Office 365 apps. The demo video will give you the feel of an app that dares to be called “Office.”



Yes, we understand that “office reimagined for a mobile experience,” is how beautifully they have summed it up. And there is no way to put it better. The new office app is your entire office in a handy mobile device. Creating documents, accessing your charts in Excel sheets, editing, viewing, or preparing presentations are all now possible with a single app. You can quickly jot down important points in a meeting with the sticky notes, put reminders and valuable ideas up with your mobile phone that’s always with you. 

If you find a chart and want to edit it without making one, the Office is your right tool, click the picture open in sheets and get to editing. Find an exciting piece of information, click them and convert them into editable Word format. All this shows why you need to get a SharePoint based document management system. The Office app is available in both the iOS and Android stores and is gathering enjoyable responses from users across the globe.


  • One Whiteboard, One World


an online whiteboard screenshot

Image Source


Imagine a whiteboard that reaches anywhere. You slide through the ideas your teammates come up with while you are on vacation, and something strikes you. How do you put it? How fast can you send it through? Sharepoint intranet provides you whiteboards that let your teams collaborate on a standard whiteboard. The integration of Whiteboards with Microsoft Teams has made Sharepoint one of the most beneficial platforms at the workplace.

Whiteboard lets you make professional charts, shapes on a canvas that spreads on and on. You can touch feed your input or use a pen or keyboard.


Further, the edits you make remain till you return to it, and you need not worry about updates others add to it. Educating your employees, inspiring your school intranets to enhance better student-teacher communications, brainstorming, etc. is now very easy.


  • Analytics for Productivity


It is always difficult to accept a productivity suggestion when it comes to a human agent. It’s nothing but social psychology at work here, and one still suspects a bias. But with robust analytics from a software assistant, you are more likely to listen to it without letting the bias come in.


A real-time performance monitor who cares for your health, productivity, and well-being are human and just. And SharePoint developers at Microsoft have named it “My Analytics.” Watch the demo to see its unique capabilities:



My Analytics provides you insights about the way you work. The AI learning algorithms monitor and learns the working patterns and give you inline suggestions.


For example, when you are typing a mail to your colleague, the inline tip may give you a case for providing urgency as it is an off-hour mail. The system learns the employee work patterns, working hours, vacation calendar, etc. to remind you of the subtle aspects.


office 365 analytics


The most compelling feature about My Analytics that the word personal is kept personal in its complete sense. Your productivity charts, your best hours, your focus time, breaks, etc. are all protected. The security is an absolute feature of this tool that creates a safe working atmosphere around the SharePoint intranet. 


At Aufait Technologies our SharePoint experts have rich experience in developing intranet software for enterprises. Be it a small startup looking to create a collaborative work environment or a medium or large scale industry aspiring to move its complex system into a simplified Sharepoint intranet. We serve clients from all industries and of all sizes. You can go through our case studies to measure our expertise in serving world-class clients with utmost satisfaction. Let’s start building your enterprise Sharepoint intranet



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