A Beginner’s Guide to Contract to Hire Staffing

With the rise in the gig economy, different employment models have risen in popularity. Unlike in earlier times, people are willing to explore other employment types than full-time employment. Organizations too are hiring flexibly, according to their varying needs. Contract to Hire is an employment model that can be categorized under part-time/seasonal employment. Reports show […]

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What is SharePoint Syntex?

Microsoft sharepoint syntex

SharePoint Syntex is a service provided by Microsoft to assist organizations. By design, it is a tool to help companies manage a large amount of content efficiency and Automated content processing. It uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) to harness an organization’s expertise and content into knowledge.  38 Views

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Complete Guide to IT Staffing: Definition, Models, Advantages, and Tips

Advancements in technology are contributing to the demand for niche talent in the IT sector. IT roles are becoming more specialized today and as a result, IT recruiting is becoming complicated. Hiring managers need to understand different technical skills and subject expertise in detail before recruiting candidates. IT staffing has emerged as a solution to […]

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Microsoft Power Platform In A Nutshell

microsoft power platform in a nutshell

Microsoft constantly innovates, updates, and releases new products and solutions. And one of the biggest and most effective of them is the power-packed group of products called the Microsoft Power Platform. This platform is filled with tools that help develop and build complex business solutions, analyze and draw data visualizations, automate a business process, and […]

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Trends in IT Staff Augmentation Services in 2022

The business landscape in the post-Covid world is undergoing many reforms. From work culture to business plans and models, practices are changing throughout. Hybrid work culture and remote work have become a norm in 2022. As a result, staff augmentation services are now a widely accepted staffing solution to hire skilled resources. The advancements created […]

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Top Reasons Why You Must Automate Business Workflow

top reasons why you should automate business workflow

Every company has tons of work that requires a defined set of tasks in sequential order. They are repeated regularly and have a step-by-step procedure. If companies were to automate these repeatable processes, also called business workflow, they would save a lot of effort and time, which they can use elsewhere. This blog lets us […]

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