benefits of document management system

The Essential Features and Benefits of a Document Management System

Many surveys and studies by Mckinsey, IDC and other reputed organizations reveal that a valuable amount of time an employee spends in search of information, dealing with trivial matters due to poor prioritization; wasting huddling up for hazy discussions and much more. The table illustrates the unnecessary squandering of time by organizations across the globe. All because of an inefficient DMS or Document Management System.  


essential features of document management system


The major time-wasting factors are diverse and vary from organization to organization. But we have illustrated some of those factors which are common to the majority of companies.


Now, if you really have not calculated the way time is spent in your company. Here is an interesting activity we suggest for you. Observe the time circle below. You can see different classifications. Divide the organisation on the basis of teams and bring out additional time allocation blocks if any. Then encourage employees to take part in this activity with anonymity assured. The activity includes noting down consciously for one week the number of hours they spend in each of these activities. Calculate the time spent wastefully versus the total time that they employ in real work. You will get the percentage of time wasted. Now map it to see how much of it is related to the handling of documents.  


benefits of document management system


Executives, managers or professionals in every organization have to process a lot of documents every day. The filing system of the cabinet style can no longer cater to the needs of robust organizations. Simply because they are inefficient and another reason is that we have better solutions to the problem. An intelligent file management system is the answer to the messy search for information. And today intelligence means the internet.


A robust document management system can automate the way files and records are managed in your organization. It will help you in prioritizing the tasks according to your personal logic. This it does through workflows.


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But, what is a workflow?

A workflow is a sequence of pre-designed work. It defines a work from its starting point and advances the work in prescribed flow. For example,  a workflow relating to article writing would involve the following:


document management software workflow


A document management software allows the creation of such customized workflows for any process. Thus tracking and filing documents happens on its own, and you can save some precious working time.


Types of Document Management Systems (DMS)

You cannot directly jump into any file management system. The choice of your DMS depends much on the type of business you are handling. Hence, the decision has to be a conscious one.


type of document management system


Broadly speaking there are two classifications of document management systems. Depending on the performance management processes you pursue to evaluate your work and workers you may choose from the following  types of document management systems :
types of document management system


1.On-site DMS – An On-premise document management may be suitable for you if your organization handle a large amount of data. Hereby the large amount, we mean documents in terabytes of quantity. If you are on an on-site DMS, then you can transfer gigabytes of data in a matter of seconds. If your company has already invested a lot in IT expertise, then on-premise is your right choice. Take a peek into the table to get a bird’s eye view of things.

2. Off-site DMS – On the other hand if you are running a company which has a large number of users to manage and your investment in IT is not convincing, then you need to go for the cloud or off-site DMS. Work from home and off-premise working require that you have a cloud network to connect them with your common working space. The comparison chart will help you see better.


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Features of DMS that Add Value to Your Company


Features of DMS


A DMS is not just workflows. It is an essential step towards a paperless and hassles free organizational culture. The importance of a document management system can be comprehended from the qualities it imparts to a firm. Some of the remarkable features of DMS are :


Categorize Content – A DMS software automatically indexes the various documents based on the type of content. If the content is related to management, then the filing system would look for such words. It maps the whole physical flow of the document from its inception to its expiry.


Document Libraries – Another fantastic feature is the document library. A document library is the repository of all documents. It allows creating a single space for everyone to read, write and store documents. Here you can create document types, records portal or even an engaging intranet as it suits your organisation.


document libraries


Metadata management – In a traditional file management system, the cabinet has racks named after the type of file. Sometimes, a file may belong in two shelves and thus creating confusion. But an online document management system does it through metadata. Metadata is a set of data that gives information about other data. Simply said metadata is like a tag that you put on an online document. DMS allows the creation of a metadata library which assists other users with tags which are already in place, thus prevents duplication of work and saves the search time.



metadata management



Monitor Progress through Versioning – Versioning is another specialty of SharePoint that ensures that every change you make to a document is saved with the numbering of the versions. The control approval feature also forms a part of it. It allows persons with the necessary control to publish documents. The check-out and check-in feature let you comment on the changes in text and even for particular versions.


sharepoint versioning


Frame Sound Information Policy An information policy sets the rules for documents in your organization. It defines who can access information in your organization, how long can they retain it and what changes they are authorized to make, etc. It determines the life cycle and flows for various documents.

Co-authoring FunctionalityCo-authoring is a remarkable feature of Sharepoint based DMS, it lets your employees work on the same document at the same time without interfering with each other’s work. It remembers the changes each user makes from their point of view. It saves precious time that is often lost in the processing and handling of documents. It makes work mobile and handy.


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Benefits Of Having a DMS

A modern workplace is one that aspires for greater optimization and productivity. You may be concerned about the dividends that your organization may obtain from a novel investment. Here are some of the benefits of a document management system that may inspire you :


    • Security – No more worries about data theft from lockers. Your patents, designs, and plans are all now safe in the cloud, and with blockchain coming up, data theft is now impossible.


    • Saves You Money “Time is money.” And DMS saves for you almost a million dollar work hours annually. Besides, you save on procurement of stationery and file management systems.


    • TransparencyA transparent office inspires trust. It also provides ample opportunities to acknowledge excellent performance.


    • Green OfficeGreen is the word. Planting trees are something that benefits the future. But saving a grown tree makes a more significant impact. A DMS makes your office eco-friendly by reducing the demand for paper. You are saving nearly 3 trillion trees a year with DMS. A green office is a workplace for future office


  • Easy Retrieval –  Get to documents quickly from your desk. You don’t need to lurk around for reports from one shelf to another. Just locate it on the search bar, and you may go for an advanced search to pinpoint the right document instantly.

  • Flexible Indexing –  A DMS lets you index documents in tune with your logic. It employs metadata to string together multiple tags and notations to bring out a “light-pull” approach in file indexing.

  • Lightning Search – In a DMS search is at lightning speed. You need to find a file put in a word or phrase into the search bar, and you have it in front of your screen. The multiple categorizations help you to stack files without adding new shelves to your file cabinet.

  • Digital Archiving – The essence of content management is to retain what you do and discard what you don’t. The life of a document can be set on your information policy, and the specific workflow will further decide whether a record is to be kept or expired.


All this and much more awaits your company when you make the essential switch to a document management software. So get ready to fly on the wings of an expert DMS software developer and take your organization to a new level of performance.


Our expertise in handling SharePoint based projects for 16+ years has earned us the Microsoft Gold Partnership. Our vibrant teams are keen to take on any challenge. With 16+ years of experience and mastery in handling SharePoint projects, Aufait Technologies can be your rightful guide for change and prosperity.

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Some of the unique features of our Sharepoint based Document Management System are:


  • Document Libraries that creates a unique space for your employees to collaborate, share and work together from anywhere at any time.
  • Smart Document Organization with taxonomy, metadata, document search etc.
  • One Drive Integration to coalesce work files and information

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