The Essential Features and Benefits of a Document Management System

benefits of document management system

Many surveys and studies by Mckinsey, IDC and other reputed organizations reveal that a valuable amount of time an employee spends in search of information, dealing with trivial matters due to poor prioritization; wasting huddling up for hazy discussions and much more. The table illustrates the unnecessary squandering of time by organizations across the globe. […]

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A Complete Guide on Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration

Lotus Notes has been one of the conspicuous choices of customers due to its advanced and useful email administration. It offers the customers to use email features along with contact administration, plans, tasks etc… Majority of the users rely upon its abilities to finish electronic communication. Lotus Notes works in association with Domino Server, which […]

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New Office 365 Features for your Intranet

Your Office 365 intranet solution in SharePoint is an associated working environment. Just imagine your whole company moving through data life-cycles. The main purpose of an intranet software is to keep the people informed, engaged and push their limits. In here, we are going to discuss the new features that are coming to your Office 365 […]

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