New Office 365 Features for your Intranet

microsoft office 365 features for your intranet

Your Office 365 intranet solution in SharePoint is an associated working environment. Just imagine your whole company moving through data life-cycles. The main purpose of an intranet software is to keep the people informed, engaged and push their limits. In here, we are going to discuss the new features that are coming to your Office 365 […]

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Employee Onboarding Process in SharePoint or Office 365

Recruiting a new employee to any organization can be a long, complicated and tiresome process. Officials at the human resource must go through hundreds of resumes to select and hire the right candidate who isn’t right just for the business but also for the position.

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SharePoint 2016 On-Premise features

Microsoft launched SharePoint 2016 as a major event, terming it as the future of SharePoint. Microsoft even went to say that SharePoint 2016 will not be the last on-premise release. Microsoft demonstrated many upcoming features that will be included in SharePoint, however, most of them were available in SharePoint Online (Office 365). To cover up […]

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