Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Procurement


E tendering system has turned out to be extremely successful after the quick pace of innovation in technology. This type of e tendering system associates enterprises directly with suppliers making acquisition easiest among the other tasks. An e-tendering system is designed to satisfy every need of an enterprise and an impressive option to opt for. This article will highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of utilizing it for your organization’s acquisition.

On the contrary, the cause for most of the challenges faced by an e-tendering system arises from the vendor and not the enterprise but rather affects the whole procurement process. Whenever technology is involved, there is always a risk of data compromising. EProcurement will definitely have their flaws (Come on, nothing is perfect) but that shouldn’t be an excuse to ignore an e tendering system. An eProcurement system will replace the individual who has been physically dealing the vendors over years.

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However, thanks to the internet, an e-tendering system comes with lesser investment on both technology and data. You will eventually understand how such software’s can be cost-effective in buying and selling of goods. In the event that there were any boundaries you were trying to infiltrate will be done away by this software.

The costs are more straightforward so you won’t need to worry about hidden charges and individual purchases will be completely shut down. To put in plain words, the power balance among vendors and buyers will improve. A combination between procurement chains is at its best when e-procurement software is utilized. The organization will be in a place of managing transactions effectively and in an organized way. If any delay occurs during the procurement process, the flaw will be automatically noted and standardizing the transactions becomes much easier. Such software will provide a scope to the business administrator in obtaining better offers for the goods/products. On the longer run, it will end up being cost effective and encourages for a shorter product development sequence.

In the eProcurement system, the data is transferred at a high rate and the delivery of the products does not take long. Another advantage of e-tendering that may allure you is the enhanced efficiency which can be accomplished even in a short-term and short time period. All the approved products are listed on an index making it simpler for internal users to pick what they need without much effort. All-over, an e-tendering system will enhance controls within an enterprise ensuring consistency to policies, regulations since it is the highest level and the approval procedure is standardized.

The global procurement software market has hit approximately $5.14 billion income in the year 2017. So, would it be a good idea for you to opt for a cloud-based e-procurement solution for your business needs? The response to this inquiry relies on your security needs and the business you are working in. Some of the key benefits of E-procurement software are enhanced flexibility and instant access. Such software also comes with a couple of drawbacks. This blog details the advantages and disadvantages of e-procurement to enable you to settle on the right choice.

Pros of E-Procurement


1. Enhanced Organization

Numerous organizations are spooky due to the disorganization. Such organizations struggle to manage purchases and place order according to the schedule. This unorganized procedure can be difficult to change and can lead to exceptions. Here, E-procurement is the appropriate solution as it can streamline buying and furthermore diminish the danger of exception in your purchasing procedure. Another highlight is that you can centralize the purchasing.

2. Improved Control

Online procurement helps you to be adaptable in a free manner and also enables access restriction in an agile manner. With the correct e-procurement software, you can confine a large group of issues including acknowledged price from every supplier, ordered things, selected vendors and sort of purchases done. By firmly controlling these essential components you can keep up consistency all together and limit rogue spending. Also, the online procurement software can coordinate easily with your current frameworks to boost efficiency.

3. Reporting and Reconciliation

A key issue in procurement is crisscross amongst purchases and invoices. In any case, this issue has a tendency to be pushed out of sight as organizations tend to center around fundamental tasks. In addition, it is hard to create reports on procurement and additionally assemble information on authentic approval utilizing a manual system. E-procurement software can resolve this issue as it offers an adjustable and customized reporting structure.

4. Cost Saving

You can conduct proper research and discover a cost-effective online procurement software solution. Reliable sellers offer pricing packages that empower you to pay just for what you utilize and commonly there is no client authorizing charges or hidden expenses. Also, your workers can save time with this product and spend it productively on other tasks.

5. Reconciliation with Existing Software

As specified before, top e-procurement software solution can incorporate consistently with your current business process automation stages. Numerous online procurement software additionally gives modules to streamline budgetary tasks and handle capital ventures. You can choose one such supplier to guarantee all the tools in the software are compatible with each other making it less complex to actualize the e-procurement product.

Cons of E-Procurement

1. Micromanagement

E-procurement software devices provide a detailed report on data analytics and classification. In any case, the risk is that you can get carried away with the customization alternatives. There might be a high number of fields which could lead to confusion and could decrease the platform’s reporting proficiency. The only solution is to discover the customization level that will be suitable for your enterprise.

2. Not Ideal for Direct Materials

E-procurement works best to purchase catalog based indirect materials, for example, office supplies. You are certain to get great ROI for purchases like these. However, e-procurement is perfect when buying direct services and materials. So, it would be advisable to utilize it for arranging purchases that are a piece of expansive and costly deals.

3. Provider Onboarding Problems

More established vendors could find it hard to get used to the new online procurement software frameworks. Independent ventures can experience considerable difficulties refreshing inventories and other data with the platform. Along these lines, it is critical to choose well-informed suppliers to completely profit by e-procurement.

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You won’t have any reason not to embrace the online procurement since current technology innovation has become an integral part of our lives. In case you don’t want to lag behind, you should have e-tendering software for your organization’s procurement and remain on top in the market. Make sure you have picked the correct e-tendering system. Aufait’s eProcurement software is an exceptional alternative if purchasing software is considered to fill the needs of your organization. Monitor the most recent procurement drifts and apply them in your organization to improve proficiency and efficiency.

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